TSC Alert

Call for Nominations: TSC Preclinical Consortium

The TSC Preclinical Consortium invites nominations of compounds to test in one of four animal models relevant to TSC. The deadline for nominations has been extended to December 23.

  • Epilepsy (spontaneous): Tsc1flox/flox;GFAP-Cre+ (GFAP-Tsc1-CKO) mice
  • Epilepsy (spontaneous): in utero electroporated RhebCA mice
  • Tumor (graft): 105K (Tsc2-null) mouse cell grafts in mice
  • Tumor (spontaneous): Tsc2+/- A/J mouse renal cystadenoma model

Compounds nominated may include:

  • Drugs with a rationale for re-purposing to treat TSC and which are in clinical development or marketed for other indications.
  • Analogs of existing drugs which may have improved efficacy or safety.
  • Tool compounds to investigate novel mechanisms of action.

Compounds selected will be tested at no cost to academic investigators, and data will be shared among all Consortium members. The nominating principal investigator (PI) will be the scientific leader of the project, responsible for taking the lead on publication of results and designing any subsequent experiments. Acknowledgement of the Consortium in any publications utilizing the results is required, but co-authorship of other Consortium members is not required unless the PI chooses to collaborate with one or more members. The PI will have a year to follow up on results and work toward publication before data will be released publicly, and the PI may request a six-month extension if necessary.

The PI must complete the nomination form. For specific information on the nomination and evaluation process, please read this document. Nominations may be made anytime but will be evaluated in batches twice each year:

  • Submissions received on or before December 23 will be evaluated by February 15.