Government Advocacy Toolkit

Help Secure Additional Research Funding for TSC

The TSC Alliance aggressively works to increase federal funding for TSC research. You can help increase funding by contacting your Congressional legislators. Information on how to contact your Senators and Representatives can be found below. Given today’s higher levels of security, e-mail and faxes are the best way to communicate.  

FY2020 Advocacy Tools and Resources

Dear Colleague Letters

Tips On Contacting Your Senators and Representatives

Due to heightened security around the U.S. Capitol, mail delivery is often very slow. Phone calls, e-mails, faxes and personal visits work best. If you call or visit, ask to speak to the staff person handling Defense Medical Research programs for the lawmaker. E-mail addresses for the Senate can be found at www.senate.gov and for the House at www.house.gov/writerep.

Review what you want to say in advance; learn all the facts you need to make the strongest argument for your position; organize your arguments; express your views clearly and concisely.

Most importantly, make your communication a personal one. Stress how you and your family, the lawmaker’s constituents, are affected by TSC and cite specific examples if you can. Your own words will make the crucial difference.

Since legislators and their staff have extremely busy schedules, plan on getting your message across as quickly as possible. Make your time really count.

Be prepared to answer questions. If you don’t know the answer, admit it and offer to provide the answers later. Contact the TSC Alliance for any additional information you need.

Send a thank-you letter to the lawmaker and/or staff aide; include a summary of your views, together with any additional information that may be relevant.

Let us know what you learn by emailing Katie Smith at ksmith@tscalliance.org or calling (800) 226-6872.