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Community Alliance

TSC Alliance of the Rocky Mountain Region →

Adult Regional Coordinator

Danielle Clark, Danielle.clark@hotmail.com, (210) 317-9804

Dependent Adult Transition Resource Coordinator

Dana Holinka, Northglenn, CO, 303-255-7093, emme01@msn.com

TSC Clinic

TSC Clinic at Children’s Hospital Colorado & University of Colorado (Adult Program)
Director: Susan Koh, MD at Children’s Hospital
Co-Director: Samuel DeStefano, MD at University Hospital
Coordinator (pediatric):  Wynne Bird, BSN, RN, CPN at Children’s Hospital
Coordinator (adult): Kelly Barrow at University Hospital
Clinic Ambassador: Dana Holinka, emme01@msn.com
Age Range Seen: Children and Adults*
Clinic Frequency: Monthly, pediatric multidisciplinary TSC program^ meets first Friday and the adult multidisciplinary TSC program meets first Tuesday AM.
Out-of-State Medicaid Policy: No restrictions.
To schedule an appointment for your child at the Children’s Hospital, please call (720) 777-6895. To schedule an appointment at the Adult TSC Clinic, call (720) 848-9243. 
*Adults with TSC and seizures.  Adults who need other specialty care outside of epilepsy/neurology will be referred to other subspecialties with TSC expertise such as dermatology, genetics, urology, or pulmonology.

^Due to overwhelming interest in our monthly multidisciplinary TSC program, we are now offering patients the opportunity to schedule with all the necessary subspecialists in individual clinics within a short time frame, possibly same-day. This option minimizes wait times and gives patients all the same care and treatment as the Multidisciplinary Clinic. Please reach out to the Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Program clinic director or coordinator with any questions or concerns at (720) 777-6895.