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Community Alliance

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Adult Regional Coordinators

Co-Adult Regional Coordinator: Emilie Hyde, emilie.peters97@gmail.com, (918) 960-1025
Co-Adult Regional Coordinator: Foster Hyde, fosterhyde07@gmail.com, (616) 826-2200

Education Parent Mentor

Lisa Hart (Parent), Kansas City, KS, 620-794-7572, Lisa.hart@usd253.net

Nearby TSC Clinics


Kansas City
Tuberous Sclerosis Clinic at Children’s Mercy Hospital
Director: Mohammed Ilyas, MD
Co-Director: Laurel Willig, MD
Coordinator: Jenny Digirlamo, BSN, RN, CPN
Age Range Seen: New patients up to age 21 years.
Clinic Frequency: Monthly, every fourth Thursday (subject to change).
For Clinic Information call (913) 696-8254 and to schedule an appointment call ( 913) 696-8950 (ext. 88032).


TSC Clinic at Children’s Hospital Colorado & University of Colorado Hospital
Director: Susan Koh, MD at Children’s Hospital
Co-Director: Charuta Joshi, MBBS at Children’s Hospital
Co-Director: Cornelia Drees, MD at University Hospital
Coordinator (pediatric):  Wynne Bird, BSN, RN, CPN at Children’s Hospital
Coordinator (adult): To Be Named
Clinic Ambassador: Dana Holinka, emme01@msn.com
Age Range Seen: Children and Adults*
Clinic Frequency: Monthly
Out-of-State Medicaid Policy: No restrictions.
To schedule an appointment for your child at the Children’s Hospital, please call (720) 777-6895. To schedule an appointment at the Adult TSC Clinic, please call (720) 848-2087.
*Adults with TSC and seizures.  Adults who need other specialty care outside of epilepsy/neurology will be referred to other subspecialties with TSC expertise such as dermatology, genetics, urology, or pulmonology.