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North Carolina

Community Alliance

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Adult Regional Coordinator

Kathy Henkel (Parent and Adult), Waynesboro, VA, 540-949-0582, uneakmom@gmail.com

Dependent Adult Transition Resource Coordinator

Kathleen Valenti (Parent of an Adult), Waynesville, NC, 609-870-6609, khalpin2002@gmail.com

Education Parent Mentors

NC East: Nancy Blankenship (Parent), Clayton, NC, 804-436-2606, nancyblankenship@icloud.com

NC West: Amy Quintana (Parent), Summerfield, NC, 336-681-8114, Amy.Quintana@me.com

TSC Clinics

Atrium Healthcare TSC Clinic at Levine Children’s Hospital
Director: Katherine Van Poppel, MD
Co-Director: Chad Jacobsen, MD
Coordinator: Kari Privette, RN
Clinic Ambassador: Heather Morris, Heather.Morris@atriumhealth.org
Age Range Seen: Children and Adults.
Clinic Frequency: Fourth Friday every other month as a multidisciplinary clinic.
For Clinic Information and to schedule an appointment call (704) 403-2786.

Duke Medical Center
Director: Klaus Georg Erich Werner, MD, PhD
Co-Director: Muhammad Zafar, MD
Coordinator: Susan Markle, BSN, RN
Clinic Ambassador: Lana Vidal, lana_kozlova@hotmail.com, (201) 565-7662
Age Range Seen: Children and Adults.  Dr. Werner sees all ages, however adults with commercial insurance or Medicare who have mild cognitive (i.e. IQ is 70 or higher) or psychiatric issues and are able to complete neuropsychological testing may schedule an appointment with Andrew Liu, MD, MS.  Dr. Liu has clinic weekly, Monday through Wednesday, with 5 new slots designated per month to see adults with TSC.
Clinic Frequency: Monthly.
For TSC Clinic information and to schedule an appointment call Loretta Dunn at (919) 668-4835.  To schedule an appointment with Dr. Liu call his coordinator, Crystal Ballard at (919) 660-3234.

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center Tuberous Sclerosis Clinic
Director: Mary T. Silvia, MD
Co-Director: Roy E. Strowd,III, MD
Administrative Coordinator: Mary Jo Shirley
Age Range Seen: Children and Adults.
Clinic Frequency: Pediatrics–2-3 Thursdays a month, subject to change. Adults–Monthly, every third Thursday.
To schedule an appointment, call (336) 716-4101.