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Community Alliances

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Adult Regional Coordinators

Co-Adult Regional Coordinator: Emilie Hyde, emilie.peters97@gmail.com, (918) 960-1025
Co-Adult Regional Coordinator: Foster Hyde, fosterhyde07@gmail.com, (616) 826-2200

Dependent Adult Transition Resource Coordinators

Laura Buckner (North/West), 512-232-0741, Laura.g.buckner@gmail.com

Lucy Martinez (South/East), 832-423-6989, Lucy.martinez@encompasshealth.com (Speaks Spanish)

Leslie Russell (Dallas/Ft. Worth), Home: 972-471-5522, Cell: 972-658-8872, leslie.russell2@verizon.net

Kathryn Groves (Leander/Austin), 810-588-6034, kathryn.a.groves@icloud.com

Joy Graydon (Mesquite), 904-303-0869, JGraydon10@hotmail.com

Education Parent Mentor

Leslie Russell (Parent) Coppell, TX, 972-658-8872, leslie.russell2@verizon.net

TSC Clinics

Dell Children’s Hospital
Director: E. Steve Roach, MD
Coordinator: Mary Smith, RN
Clinic Ambassador: Sheryl Kubala, sheryl.kubala@gmail.com
Age Range Seen: Children and Adults*
*Adults will be seen for an initial diagnosis and ongoing care provided you have a primary care physician.
Clinic Frequency: Monthly, every second Thursday.
For information or to schedule an appointment call (512) 628-1855.

Scottish Rite for Children
Director: Steven Sparagana, MD
Coordinator: Roberta Ratelle, RN
Clinic Ambassador: Tricia Bodner
Age Range Seen: Children only.
Clinic Frequency: First Monday P.M., second Tuesday A.M., third and fifth Tuesdays P.M. every month.
Out-of-State Medicaid Policy: Does not accept any.
For more information or to schedule an appointment call (214) 559-7830 or email TSCclinic@tsrh.org.

Children’s Medical Center of Dallas, The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Director: Charuta Joshi, MBBS, FAES, CSCN(EEG)
Co-Director: Alison Dolce, MD
Coordinator: Jeremy Fields, MBA, BSN, RN
Age Range Seen: Children
Clinic Frequency: Monthly
For more information or to schedule an appointment call (214) 456-2768.

Ft. Worth
Cook Children’s Clinic for Tuberous Sclerosis Complex
Director: David Shahani, MD (Pediatric) 
Co-Director: Hamid Kadiwala, MD (Adult)
Coordinator: Amy Davis, BSN, RN
Age Range: Children and Adults
Clinic Frequency: First Tuesday of each month.
For more information or to schedule an appointment call  Amy Davis at (682) 885-7259.

McGovern Medical School, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
Clinic Location: University of Texas Professional Bldg., 6410 Fannin Street, Suite 500, Houston, Texas 77030
Director: Hope Northrup, MD
Co-Director: Mary Kay Koenig, MD
Coordinator: Claire Sartwell, RN, BSN
Age Range: Children and Adults
Clinic Frequency: Weekly on Mondays.
For more information about the TSC Clinic contact Claire Sartwell, RN, BSN at (713) 500-7149.   To schedule an appointment call (713) 500-6367.
Esta clínica cuenta con un doctor o un empleado que habla español con fluidez.

Comprehensive Tuberous Sclerosis Clinic at Texas Children’s Hospital 
Affiliated with Texas Children’s Hospital, Baylor College of Medicine 
Director: Rohini Coorg, MD
Co-Director: Surya Prasadarao Rednam, MD, MS
Coordinator: Heather Ausby, BHA, BSN, RN
Clinic Ambassador: Shalonda Alexander, Shalonda.alexander@yahoo.com, (512) 417-7329.
Age Range: Children
Clinic Frequency:  Monthly, every third Wednesday. 
For information or to schedule an appointment call (832) 822-5046.