Medical Challenges

Overcoming Hurdles


In January 2021, the TSC Alliance hosted an educational webinar with Greenwich Biosciences titled “Overcoming Hurdles: Insurance, Scripts and Specialty Pharmacy.”  You may watch it below or at this link on YouTube.

This e-webinar was sponsored by Greenwich Biosciences, which also created a companion interactive tool to help you overcome potential hurdles that you may find on your tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) journey.

Download the companion Interactive PDF



In the March 2021 episode of TSC Now titled “Overcoming Hurdles with Health Plans and Specialty Pharmacies” a TSC parent shares the challenges she faced navigating the healthcare system to refill a prescription and how she ultimately got resolution, and two former payers provide advice on managing your health plan, dealing with changes in coverage and communicating effectively with your pharmacy. This episode was sponsored by Greenwich Biosciences.

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