Employment & Vocation

For some people, participating in a vocational, educational, or other type of activity can be empowering and may provide purpose. Vocational and rehabilitation options for people with disabilities range from positions that provide high levels of assistance to competitive employment without additional accommodations. Experience provided through work, job training or other enrichment activities may add to the quality of life and increase a person’s self-esteem. Additionally, social interactions with co-workers may enhance a person’s integration in the community. Often the challenge is not in performing the job, but in finding the job that best suits an individual’s interests, strengths, and personality.

One of the best places to begin a job search is with your state vocational rehabilitation (VR) agency. State VR agencies coordinate and provide a number of services for people with disabilities who are looking for a job. These services may include counseling, skills evaluation, training, job placement, coaching and support. Services provided vary by state, but most agencies will assign a vocational counselor to work with an individual with a disability to identify and locate employment options that best suit their capabilities, needs and interests. State VR agencies work with nonprofit organizations and private employers that may provide a wide range of employment options in a variety of settings. You can find your state or local VR agency by checking your state government websites or by visiting the Job Accommodation Network.

The Life Stages Guides are comprehensive guides that focus on the greatest non-medical concerns for each specific lifespan and includes detailed information and resources on both employment and vocation. Regardless of where you are at in your journey, there is a guide to help empower you and prepare you along the way covering these difficult questions, exploring options and assist in proactively guiding you to take the steps to secure these resources.

After reviewing the life stages guide, if you still have questions or concerns additional information can be found at The Arc, which promotes and protects the human rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and actively supports their full inclusion and participation in the community throughout their lifetimes. Bender Consulting Services is a consulting firm that specializes in recruiting and hiring people with disabilities for full-time, competitive employment opportunities. In addition, our TSC Support Navigators are also available for guidance.