Seizure Tracker

Founded by parents of a child with TSC who were struggling to understand their son’s seizure activity, Seizure Tracker™ has become a valuable tool for parents, doctors, and researchers alike. It is changing our understanding of epilepsy and how we care for and visualize struggling with seizures.

Seizure Tracker is dedicated to providing people living with epilepsy and their doctors with free, comprehensive tools to understand relationships between seizure activity and anti-seizure medicines. Seizure Tracker empowers people with epilepsy to become active leaders in their own treatment, working hand-in-hand with doctors. This easy-to-use tool found at seizuretracker.com allows parents and/or individuals with TSC and other types of epilepsy to create personalized reports, log seizure activity, and track treatment history all in one app. The data generated from this app can be easily shared with their healthcare team. The Seizure Tracker database is the largest collection of patient-centered seizure activity in the world. Launched in 2007, there are more than 22,000 registered users with over 1 million seizure events logged. The system allows users to input seizure-treatment and triggering information to track seizure response to dietary therapies, Vagus Nerve Stimulation settings, hormonal influences, and much more. Another feature is that the iOS mobile app is the first and only real-time seizure recording feature, enabling users to document (via video) and time seizure activity as it happens with an agile, user driven development schedule, Seizure Tracker continues to add new tools to the system on a regular basis.

With your help, we can connect important seizure and clinical information to enable researchers to improve outcomes and treatment insights for you and your family. The TSC Alliance has established a data sharing partnership with Seizure Tracker, the largest repository of patient-entered seizure and therapy data in the world. Users may elect to share their self-reported data from the Seizure Tracker application with the TSC Alliance for use by TSC researchers. To learn more, click here.