Stories of Hope

Bodie O’Hara

3 years old
Chicago, Illinois

Bodie started Early Intervention when he was just 5 months old. He has had physical, occupational, speech and developmental therapies since then. He started at a therapeutic preschool in May where he gets all of his therapies in both a group setting and one on one. He is loving preschool!

Soon after Bodie was diagnosed with TSC, his mother Kaylan joined the TSC Mommy Group on Facebook and came across this quote that keeps her going when times are hard: “Life is not always going to go as you had planned – tides change, and things go in different directions. You can’t stop the waves from happening, but you can learn to move with them. They may not take you in the direction that you had planned, but they will take you exactly where you are meant to be.”

Bodie is the sweetest, most hardworking boy. He loves puzzles, bubbles, bath time and music. And he gives the greatest hugs.