Stories of Hope

Megan Elizabeth Della Costa

22 years old
Bradenton, Florida

I was diagnosed at birth and have a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences with concentrations in Biological Health Sciences and Health Management and a minor in Communication. I plan to seek a second degree in nursing in the near future.

I currently work part-time at two jobs. One is at Manatee Memorial Hospital as a medical transcriptionist/scribe and the other is at Popi’s Place Too as a barista, cashier and server. I’m trying to make some extra money to help pay for my wedding in April 2022.

I have lived my entire life with mild case of TSC. I’m blessed to be able to advocate for those who can’t by sharing my story with the world. I hope to be a Nurse Practitioner one day and a spokesperson for this disease. I want to help as many people as I can who are struggling with TSC or any disease like mine. I look forward to the future and the research in hopes of finding a cure!

I am thankful to be a part of the TSC community even though it is not for the best reason. I hope to inspire people to live each day like it’s their last and never give up on their dreams. I am continuing to ride the wave of life!