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The tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) community is the TSC Alliance’s strongest ally. We rely on our dedicated volunteers to help drive our mission forward and realize a future where everyone with TSC can live their fullest lives. Our volunteer leaders host educational meetings, raise awareness and fundraise, foster local connections and serve as a resource in their communities.

We are seeking highly motivated volunteers to help build and strengthen the TSC community. There are several ways to participate as a volunteer with a position to fit anyone who is interested in being a part of our team. Read through our Leadership Opportunities Summary to learn more about each opportunity and apply for the position you decide is best suited for you.

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TSC Connect

TSC Connect is an organized partnership of individuals whose lives have been affected by TSC. They commit to offering peer support and sharing their experiences with others who are dealing with the challenges of TSC. Across the nation, TSC Connect is providing the latest medical information, education and support, and words of encouragement and empowerment. Volunteers come to the network with a wealth of knowledge, awareness and experiences. Click the button below to register for TSC Connect.

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Step Forward to Cure TSC®

Step Forward to Cure TSC is the largest event fighting to find a cure for TSC. Over the past 20 years, $18.4 million has been raised through Step Forward to Cure TSC as communities across the country have come together to walk, run or ride and raise awareness of this disease.

Volunteer for Step Forward to Cure TSC today!

Volunteer and join TSC community members, corporate partners, and other supporters to champion the efforts to fund groundbreaking TSC research, offer critically needed support programs, and increase awareness in a month-long series of in-person and virtual walks, runs, and rides starting April 13 and concluding with our worldwide celebration the weekend of May 18–19, 2024.

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Recognizing our volunteers

The TSC Alliance thrives on the service of selfless individuals across the country who give of their time, talent, and resources to help us improve quality of life for everyone affected by TSC. Without them, we would not be where we are today. They have propelled our organization to levels once thought impossible — from the original four volunteer mothers who started the organization in 1974 to nearly 2,000 individuals championing our cause each year today!

To celebrate our volunteers, we honor several outstanding leaders every year with three volunteer awards. Click below to learn about each award.

Volunteer of the Year Award

The Volunteer of the Year (named the Franny Award in memory of Francine Ostrow) is an award given to up to four outstanding volunteers who have made significant contributions as a volunteer for the TSC Alliance. Since 2013, nominees are not evaluated based only on the previous 12 months’ work but also on their entire contribution to the organization, with emphasis on specific contributions in the last 12 months.

See a list of previous winners.

Community Alliance of the Year Award

The Community Alliance of the Year Award (renamed the Dreamer Award in 2016 in honor of Dee Triemer) is given to one outstanding Community Alliance that has made significant contributions to the TSC Alliance. The selected winner will be evaluated based on the previous 12 months’ activity.

See a list of previous winners.

Keith Hall Distinguished Leadership Award

In honor of Keith Hall’s legacy, the TSC Alliance created the Keith Hall Distinguished Leadership Award. The annual recipient of this award will be an adult with TSC whose efforts mirror that of our most passionate advocates.

See a list of previous winners.