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What is tuberous sclerosis complex?

TSC is a genetic disorder that causes tumors to form in various organs, primarily the brain, eyes, heart, kidneys, skin and lungs. It’s also the leading genetic cause of both epilepsy and autism. Read More

Newly Diagnosed and Need Help?

Regardless of the age at diagnosis, the journey of TSC can certainly be daunting. We are here to help. Read More

Signs and Symptoms of TSC

Because TSC affects no two people the same, there is no sure way to predict where and how the disorder will manifest. To better understand its potential impact, click below on the organs most often targeted.


Want to get more involved?

There are plenty of ways to assist us in our efforts. Take a look at the options below and see what works for you. We need your help!


Your Gift Will Make a Difference

By donating to the TSC Alliance you can directly touch the lives of those affected by tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC). Your gift of support can come in many forms, including:

Participate in the TSC Self-Report Portal

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Seizures and TSC: your data matters

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