It is common for medical providers to be unfamiliar with TSC, including neurologists, pediatricians and primary care providers (PCPs). It is crucial to have a local healthcare team involved in your/your loved one’s care.

Finding a good fit is essential as these healthcare team members will be your experts and, along with you, your biggest advocates as you start your TSC journey. Connecting with a local or out-of-state TSC clinic to help guide clinical treatment options is appropriate. Click here to view TSC Clinics across the country.

If you do not have access to a local TSC clinic, you can also make an appointment with an adult or pediatric neurologist experienced in epilepsy. Many of our TSC experts can offer provider-to-provider recommendations, and our TSC Support Navigators can assist with this process.

Insurance coverage can also be a factor in ensuring you do not experience delayed intervention and care. It is important to consider if out-of-state healthcare is right for you. For those considering traveling across state lines, please go to the insurance barriers page in the TSC Navigator’s Medical Challenges section to learn more on how to proactively prevent issues from occurring.

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