Jaye Isham

Senior Vice President, Strategic Communications

Jaye joined the TSC Alliance in 2004 as Director of Communications. He was named Vice President, Communications Strategy in March 2013 and then Senior Vice President, Strategic Communications in April 2021. Jaye is responsible for developing, integrating and executing all the organization’s vast communications efforts, including branding, messaging, educational materials, digital initiatives, virtual resources, social media and public/media relations. He also serves as a senior strategist, counselor and advisor to the organization’s President & CEO, Board of Directors and department heads.

Over the years, Jaye has directed four redesigns of the expansive TSC Alliance website; worked with editors/film producers, medical professionals, volunteers and celebrities to create multiple educational and promotional videos; and directed creative aspects/production for all the organization’s major events and conferences. In the early days of social media, he created a Facebook TSC Discussion Group, which eventually grew to more than 10,000 members and is now the largest online TSC forum in the world.

In addition, Jaye is responsible for creating and implementing multiple awareness campaigns, including the highly successful “31 Facts for 31 Days” promotion for TSC Awareness Month, which was used worldwide each May for many years and eventually became “15 Facts for 15 Days” leading up to TSC Global Awareness Day on May 15. He was also instrumental in helping launch the #IAMTSC public service announcement and micro website campaign, which garnered media placement values of more than $1.1 million.

Jaye played a key role in founding both the Infantile Spasms Awareness Network in 2015 and the Seizure Action Plan Coalition in late 2020, both of which serve as models for how rare disease nonprofit organizations can successfully partner together to impact awareness and educational efforts.

Jaye lives in New Mexico with his husband Larry.

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