Jaye joined the TSC Alliance in 2004 and held several communications positions over the years, most recently as Senior Vice President, Strategic Communications. He was named Chief Outreach Officer (COO) in January 2024. As COO, Jaye oversees the organization’s vast outreach initiatives, including Communications, Community Programs and Government & Global Relations. As a member of the TSC Alliance’s Executive Team, Jaye also serves as a senior strategist, counselor and advisor to the organization’s President & CEO, Board of Directors and department heads. Jaye led the organization’s rebranding to the TSC Alliance in May 2021 and played a key role in founding both the Infantile Spasms Awareness Network in 2015 and the Seizure Action Plan Coalition in late 2020, both of which serve as models for how rare disease nonprofit organizations can successfully partner together to impact awareness and educational efforts. Jaye lives in with his husband Larry in New Mexico, and they enjoy traveling, their dog, live music, Southwest art and the local cuisine. 

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