Shelly Meitzler

Director, Outreach & Support

Shelly joined the TSC Alliance TSC Alliance in January 2017 after spending 14 years volunteering in the TSC community, including serving as Community Alliance Chair, Step Forward to Cure TSC Chair in Delaware/Lehigh Valley and Education Parent Mentor.

Her background is business management. Experiencing the need to advocate educationally and medically for her family when their journey began with TSC two decades ago, Shelly realized she wanted to work alongside and empower TSC families by providing resources and support to advocate for themselves and their children to secure the services they are entitled to receive and to realize their full potential—no matter how complex their journeys are to get there.

She has been supporting TSC families and has conducted school meetings and TSC trainings and provides tremendous insight as a parent having walked the TSC journey – twice. Her drive and passion have been fueled by her two children with TSC, Ashlin and Mason, and her daughter, Mikenna.

Shelly completed the Special Education Advocate Training 1.0 through the Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates and is currently completing the Special Education Advocate Training 2.0 through the Council of Parent and Attorneys and Advocates.

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