In the third episode of TSC Now, host Dan Klein, Director of Digital Platforms for the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance, talks to the two co-chairs of the 2019 International TSC Research Conference: Changing the Course of TSC.

First Dan interviews Dr. Elizabeth (Lisa) Henske, MD, Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Director of the Center for LAM Research and Clinical Care at Brigham & Women’s Hospital about what she considers the most exciting outcomes from the conference, why attracting early career researchers to tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) research is so important and what challenges exist when trying to develop new treatments for TSC-associated neuropsychiatric disorders (TAND).

Then Dan talks to Dr. Michael Wong, MD, PhD, Professor of Pediatric Neurology and TSC Clinic Director at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis about what sessions he found most interesting, what gaps still exist in current TSC research and how conferences like this spur collaboration among researchers around the world.

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