What is the purpose of this program?

NORD’s Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Travel and Lodging Patient Assistance Program provides patients diagnosed with tuberous sclerosis complex (or under consideration for diagnosis) with financial assistance for travel and lodging related to participation in a clinical trial and or furtherance of treatment.

About the Program
NORD will administer a Patient Assistance Travel and Lodging Program that will provide financial support and concierge travel arrangements for patients diagnosed with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex, (or under consideration for diagnosis). The Program provides financial assistance for travel & lodging related to participation in a Tuberous Sclerosis clinical trial or furtherance of treatment for TSC.

Our goal is to ensure patients are supported and their burden is lessened with regards to the cost and arrangement of travel to and from their study or
treatment visits.

For additional information or, if you are in need of such assistance, please contact NORD at:
Phone: 203.616.4320
Fax: 203.349.3199
Email: TSCTravel@rarediseases.org

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