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LA BioStart Bioscience Entrepreneurs Boot Camp

California State University, Los Angeles is taking applications for its training program for early-stage bioscience startups until November 20. The LA BioStart Bioscience Entrepreneurs Boot Camp “addresses the challenges most common to scientists and new entrepreneurs seeking to turn their scientific discoveries into successful companies.” They encourage applications from university faculty, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students.

Serial Samples in the TSC Biosample Repository

Having entered its second year, the TSC Biosample Repository is beginning to receive serial blood samples from individuals who donated one year ago. Although we have only three such serial samples today, we will continue to collect additional samples annually from more participants. These serial samples will be valuable for studies looking at changes in components of plasma over time in individuals with varying manifestations of TSC. This will hopefully lead to clinically useful biomarkers (e.g. markers of risk for various manifestations or response to treatment).