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Funding Opportunity for SUDEP Research and Prevention

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In partnership with the American Epilepsy Society, Partners Against Mortality in Epilepsy (PAME) desires to fund ideas that advance SUDEP Summit priorities using the AES Seed Grants mechanism. This grant program offers funds to enable established investigators to pursue new and innovative lines of research, collaborations, and/or research methods. A goal of the seed grant program is to help these investigators lay the groundwork for another grant that would help continue research. Funds can be used for planning purposes and pilot projects. Specifically, PAME is interested in funding projects to advance clinical action priorities that will impact SUDEP prevention in the next…

Join Our Peer-to-Peer Listserv for Healthcare Professionals

The TSC Alliance invites healthcare professionals affiliated with a TSC Clinic, TSC Center of Excellence, or University Medical Center to subscribe to our private listserv: p2p@lists.tscalliance.org. Its primary purpose is for members to pose TSC-related cases or questions to their peers for feedback. Members may also use the listserv to seek opportunities for collaboration on TSC-related projects. The listserv is monitored to ensure it is being used for appropriate communications. HOW TO SUBSCRIBE: Email apounders@tscalliance.org who will add you as a member. You should receive a “Welcome to list p2p” email from Groups List Manager p2p-request@lists.tscalliance.org to confirm your membership.

TSC Biosample Seed Grants Available

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The TSC Alliance announces a funding opportunity for 2022 Biosample Seed Grants to support research using blood, tissue, and/or cells, DNA, or RNA isolated from samples in the TSC Biosample Repository. The award may support laboratory supplies, personnel costs, services, or equipment necessary to conduct the proposed research.  Funds requested can be up to $20,000. Funding period is one year. The TSC Biosample Repository houses human biological materials linked to detailed clinical data in the TSC Natural History Database. High-quality biosamples and their associated clinical data enable researchers to discover biomarkers, establish human cell lines or tissue arrays for drug testing, and…