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Compound Nominations Open for Epilepsy Screening

The TSC Preclinical Consortium Steering Committee is seeking compound nominations for the Tsc1flox/flox;GFAP-Cre+ (GFAP-Tsc1-CKO) (epilepsy) mouse model. To nominate a compound, please submit the Compound Nomination form. The Preclinical Consortium Steering Committee sets the long-term goals, and Working Groups decide the best models and experimental design for drug testing and provide oversight for rigorous quality control and interpretation of results. Compounds are handled and tested by experienced contract research organizations, and data are shared among the Consortium. Any researcher may propose compounds for testing and benefit from the shared data. For-profit companies interested in nominating compounds and retaining confidentiality and ownership…

TSC Biosample Seed Grants Available

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The TSC Alliance announces a funding opportunity for 2023 Biosample Seed Grants to support research using blood, tissue, and/or cells, DNA, or RNA isolated from samples in the TSC Biosample Repository. The award may support laboratory supplies, personnel costs, services, or equipment necessary to conduct the proposed research.  Funds requested can be up to $20,000. Funding period is one year. The TSC Biosample Repository houses human biological materials linked to detailed clinical data in the TSC Natural History Database. High-quality biosamples and their associated clinical data enable researchers to discover biomarkers, establish human cell lines or tissue arrays for drug testing, and…